Roxy's Recipes by Roxanne Russell Roundtree- ALS Patient

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This cookbook is written with love for family and good food! 

Roxanne Russell Roundtree, me,  was diagnosed with ALS-Lou Gehrig's disease in 2008 at almost age 30. I am an active mother of 3 growing boys: Don (17), Brad (14), and Bryce (12). Before this disease took over, I was a home health nurse and traveled the Madisonville area caring for those who were not able to travel for health care. After my full time nursing job, I was also a full time mother. I was team mom, T-ball coach, home keeper, and cook. My boys are my everything. Although I am no longer able to move from the neck down or speak, I am still at every event that my boys are a part of. Football games, rodeos, jackpots, baseball, stock shows, etc.,. I do it all! 

​I wrote the book over a period of 2 years using only my eyes. I have a specialized computer that tracks my retina and is contoled by my eye movements. Wherever I look is where the cursor goes and I blink to select. This computer allows me to write, email, text, shop and most importantly, communicate. Its an amazing piece of technology that is essential for living with any quality of life, when you have ALS. 

Our story has been featured on RFD, Texas Country Reporter and Imus in the Morning

The proceeds of the book contribute to living expenses, medical expenses and caring for my children.

Volume 2 in the making! 
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